Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The Walking Dead, Frank Darabont and AMC - the promise of Quality.

Amazingly, there is going to be an adaptation of The Walking Dead. Amazingly, because the names that are attached to it - Frank Darabont, AMC - are responsible for quality output. A film would not have worked, and so Television was the only viable option - the fact it has been picked up by AMC, who produce the mighty Mad Men, is terrific news. If I had heard HBO were taking it up, I would not be happier.

and check out the discussion at the Kirkboard at Image - where some forum members are making some suggestions for the casting (and getting it spot on - I mean, Cutty Wise (Chad Coleman) from 'The Wire' as Tyrese is brilliant (and he has Zombie form, having been working on Left 4 Dead 2), and even better - Danny Trejo as The Governor.....).