Monday, July 06, 2009

Review - Destroyer #4 (Marvel MAX, 2009)

So, I get to the end of this issue and I realise that Destroyer Max only has 1 more issue to go. So far it has been pretty entertaining (the first issue was great) and the art has been really good - especially this months, when Destroyer and Turret take on the legions of HORDE with some military backup.

But there is a problem. It all feels a bit dragged out now. This could have been an amazing double sized one-shot, but at 5 issues it just feels spread a bit too thin. Destroyer hunts down the bad guys, feels a bit ill, finds his family in peril, a scattering of domestic scenes - that is about it really. I like it, but it is not going to rank amongst Kirkmans best work - in fact it plays like an abridged version of Invincible, with an old man replacing the young man as the central character.

Verdict. This issue had some fine moments, the action was well staged, and Cory Walkers art was lovely to look at. I just think it would have worked better with more economy - still, it gets a 7 out of 10.