Monday, July 06, 2009

Comic of the week / Image of the week (01/07/2009)

Title of the week was undoubtedly Batman and Robin #2 - this is a title that is concerned not only with the legacy and history of Batman, but also forging ahead with a fun and wildly exciting new era for the character. It is simply a great comic book, and Morrison and Quitely are fashioning one of the best titles in the market. Whereas some books require a few issues to find their feet, this one has hit the ground running.

As for the image of the week, well, anything from that title really. So here is a page from the IGN preview to illustrate how good the work of Quitely is;

check out the first panel where Batman and Robin are floating down to meet Commissioner Gordon. Amazing.

Elsewhere, The Boys #32 had a bloody great bust up as Billy and the rest got ambushed by Payback - with suitably nasty results. Another highlight of the week.

Destroyer #4 (review pending) was pretty good, though with issue 5 soon upon us, it all feels a little light on substance - to be honest, it would have made an amazing double-sized one shot, but laid out over 5 just feels a bit laboured.