Thursday, June 18, 2009

Review - The Boys: Herogasm #2 (DE, 2009)

More debauchery, graphically illustrated, continues unabated at the Herogasm R&R event for the Supes. Everywhere you look are the sights and sounds of unchecked power, the loss of responsible behaviour to the raging thirst of powerful desires. It is a powerful argument as to why The Boys exist. They do not really come into it until the end, but their cameo is worth the price of admission, and sets up the next issue so well its just a pity it could not have been brought into this issue with some of the (literal) excess trimmed. It is a slight gripe, but otherwise the issue is another cracker. The Vought American powerplay moves into gear, with the plan to take out the Boys being pushed to one of the super teams - and it gives some explanation to some of the events in the already released Boys #31.

This issue is drenched in debauchery. Be warned. Especially if you are an older reader and have young kids. Don't leave it lying around, unless you want to answer some awkward questions. So, in summary, NSFW, NSFK (not safe for kids) but bloody good fun. He is a very naughty boy that Garth Ennis, and has a very fertile imagination, especially when it comes to the supes choice of drug consumption (you probably wouldn't be able to guess....but when you find out, you will not be surprised that he (Ennis) thought of it either....) His mate Darick Robertson provides a suitably risque cover, and John McCrea is very adept at illustrating all the SEX and DRUGS that fly around the panels.

I am getting used to a dose of The Boys world every 2 weeks. Can we make this a permanent fixture please?

Verdict - Don't leave it lying around unless you are in the company of people who understand the sort of work Garth Ennis produces. If a non-Ennis-aware individual picks this up in horror, then quickly show them Crossed #1, and at least they will know he is capable of things far more twisted than this. 8 out of 10. Plus an extra .25 for the highly imaginative drug preferences. So, 8.25 out of 10.


Maven said...

A hero is only as good as the bad-guy they're facing. That's the inherent problem with "The Boys" right at the moment. First Ennis completely cops out with The Female's "death", and turns it into just another "oh, they were just BADLY BEATEN" comic cliche, and then he reduces his "#2 Superteam in the world" to a complete joke- just another bunch of losers that Butcher easily dispatches all by himself. There's ZERO excitement or drama in this book, because we know the alleged "good guys" will never, EVER have even the slightest problem beating the, uh, "bad guys". And that's the other problem: The Boys aren't really "good guys". Everyone in this title is scummy, vile, and evil, so it's hard to care who actually wins. I was rooting for Payback to kill a couple of them just so that SOMEONE would pay for being the kind of gigantic douchebag that every single character has been since Issue #1.