Sunday, June 21, 2009

Quick reviews of other comics released ths week (17/06/09)

Marvel Zombies 3 #4 (Marvel)

Had some good moment, especially the airborne virus, and the appearance of the Man-Thing was a nostalgic treat (if not much else besides), but the real star of the show was Deadpool - or rather, the zombie Deadpool head, with mobility courtesy of Simon Garth. He has the best lines, the best scenes and somewhat overshadows the main characters. In terms of the overall story, to be honest I got a bit disinterested toward the end, but there is enough going on to make me come back for the final episode in this current run. 7 out of 10.

Captain Britain & MI13 #14 (Marvel)

The opening scene is completely WTF!!! but I obviously will not spoil it for you. Whether the WTF!!! scene strikes you as a nice plot twist or a bit hammy depending on your tastes. The rest of it gallops along brilliantly, as we approach the finale of 'Vampire State' and the end of this title. Paul Cornell has created an ensemble cast who are all engaging, the villains have been very well chosen and the scenarios have been British but with themes that are universally understandable. Dracula heading an armada of Vampires from the Moon to invade Britain is probably the best idea in a comic strip this year - it's just a shame that Marvel could not keep the faith with this superb series. Not long to go now. 8.5 out of 10.