Sunday, June 14, 2009

Comic of the Week (10/06/09)

The Strange Adventures of HP Lovecraft #2 is my comic of the week - it's fantastic in the real sense of the word, and is a genuinely inspiring take on the legacy of Lovecraft. The art is amazing, giving the title a sense of foreboding and darkness that is absolutley required. The dialogue is pitch perfect, with Lovecraft especially coming across as cerebral and sympathetic - that is a feat. The whole package is a treat and will be, I am sure, regarded as one of the better titles of 2009. A major victory for Image comics.

Also, worthy runners up this week are The Walking Dead #62, with its electrifyin mix of inter-camp tensions and the new threat of the Hunters emerging, and Batman #687, for a seamless and touching handover to the new man in the cape. The ending in particular gets you up out of your seat, cheering.