Sunday, June 07, 2009

Comic of the Week (03/06/2009)

Comic of the week is The Boys #31 for 2 very good reasons (and lots of other good reasons, but for brevity we will stick to the very good reasons);

1) Carlos Ezquerra on art. Fantastic artist, great style, stirs up wonderful memories of 2000AD and Strontium Dog, Stainless Steel Rat and Judge Dredd. He gives some of the characters a slightly different edge - Billy Butcher looks more like a football hooligan with his closer crop and menacing smile. Hughie looks more scared, more vulnerable, and less like Simon Pegg - which is a good thing. It makes Hughie more like Hughie and less a sort of tribute to Pegg.

2) The fight scene involving The Female is one of the most visceral and shocking I have seen in a comic. With Ennis, you expect no quarter, but this was brutal, reminding me of the Arquette / Gandolfini dust-up in 'True Romance'. Amazing.

Oh, and the story was EXCELLENT.