Sunday, May 03, 2009

Comic of the Week (29/04/09)

Unknown Soldier #7 (Dysart / Ponticelli) Vertigo Comics, 2009

I kind of expected this to be some sort of recap, as this was being billed as a 'jumping on' point for new and curious readers. What it actually managed to do was expand the title, introducing new characters and intriguing situations (such as the 'north / south' divide in Uganda) while also adding to the myth of the 'Unknown Soldier'. There are some heart-breaking scenes of the devastation that this conflict has wreaked up on communities, some gripping and nerve wracking scenes of violence, and the representation of Moses evolves into something more feral, a spirit of vengeance.

This title is one of the top 3 titles out at the moment. The quality is consistently good. It is my comic of the week.