Wednesday, May 06, 2009

2000AD resources (active blogs and sites)

Thought I would set out a few links of impressive 2000ad related sites; It's about past and present 2000ADad and is never less than highly enjoyable. A very Human and appealing site, well recommended. A fantastic 2000AD resource, with a weekly review of the comic, with each story reviewed and an overall review of the issue. That, and features, a massive review archive.....very, very good stuff. There is this guy from Milton Keynes, right, and he decides to blog his reading-2000Ad-from-prog-one-to-present odyssey. The guy is an intuitive and interesting writer, and his history of 2000AD, in patchwork form, post b post, is riveting. I connect with this blog. Early days for this blog, but it gives a strip by strip account of the early progs, with lots of nice page scans. well worth a look.