Sunday, May 31, 2009

Comic of the Week (27/05/09)

This would win the title on pretty much any week. Stirring, brave, political, brutal and frighteningly honest. A classic comic book. Unknown Soldier #8 is thecomic of the week, kicking off a new arc, 'Easy kill', that looks like it will go and ask some very awkward questions of the reader. Amazing.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Review - Unknown Soldier #8 (Vertigo, 2009)

Another dark and furious issue, kicking off the new 'Easy Kill' arc. As audacious a storyline that you are ever likely to find in a comic book, here Moses Lwanga (aka The Unknown Soldier) is propositioned by a new activist group to carry out the brutal killing of an American Actress whose charitable works in Africa are noted. A veiled reference to Jolie or Madonna? Her death could be attributed to the LRA (Lords Resistance Army, comprised of press-ganged Child Soldiers), and their leader become a pariah, hunted and eventually destroyed. The argument, to persuade Moses to carry out the deed, is that the sacrifice of one individual could dramatically relieve the suffering of the many - that cold blooded murder can be justified when extreme times call for an extreme response. It is a fascinating argument, one that no doubt will be examined fully in the issues to come.

That is not all - in this issue we get to see the terror and misery of those most likely to be exploited and abused in this conflict - the children. Dysart and Ponticelli pull no punches, and Moses' attack on the LRA early on in the issue is astounding in its determination to show a truth that the Western / First world have no comprehension of. Some of it is hard to read at times - its a brutal, bloody read, political, angry and focussed. This arc is threatening to be a classic.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Review - Wolverine #72 (Marvel, 2009)

Well, it has took a long time to get here, but we finally approach a conclusion to the 'Old Man Logan' arc. How long has this arc been going on? A year? The issues have been worth the wait, this has proved to be a real (out of continuity) treat. It is just the gaps between the issues have somewhat diminished the overall effect. Anyway - great issue, a bit of Red Skull, some other Marvel icons thrown in the mix, and a really gripping ending that you know has been coming, it is just how we were going to get there....Well, getting there was as satisfying as it could be really, and the last few panels are no doubt intended to get the fanboys out of their seats and cheering, salivating for the finale. It is all very good, the Red Skull confrontation being a highlight.
Verdict. Another great installment in a great series, mixing humour, self-reverence (of Marvel icons) and darker material. 8 out of 10.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

So.....what is on the mind of Wolfie Smith? (1979)

From the pages of Tornado - who could have used the byline 'a short-lived title due to be merged with 2000AD very soon) - 'The Mind of Wolfie Smith' was written by Tom Tully with art by Vincente Vano. It tells the story of a young boy, Ernie (aka 'Wolfie') Smith, whose telepathic and telekinetic powers suddenly emerge. But what, you may ask, does a 'boy with the most powerful brain in the world' crave?

Oh-kay. 'Woflie*' (if I can call you that) - you are the BOY WITH THE MOST POWERFUL BRAIN IN THE WORLD. Think about it. You can use your incredible talents for awe inspiring feats, change your world, and everyone around you - for better or worse. Look inside yourself - what is it you desire? How do you want to utilise that magnificent brain?

Oh F.F.S....

Taken from the pages of Tornado, issue 30, The Mind of Wolfie Smith (pages 28 and 30).

* I am sure this is a happy coincidence, but Wolfie shared the same name as a popular Seventies sitcom character.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Forthcoming Attractions (anticipated releases this week - 27.05.2009)

3 goodies this week. Wolverines 'Old Man Logan' tale finally finishes (and it has been great up to now), and The Stand and Unknown Soldier are 2 of the finest examples of powerful, moving storytelling in comic books. Nuff said, as someone once said.


The Stand preview -

Unknown Soldier -

Wolverine Preview -

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Image of the Week (20/05/09)

Just because its nicely framed, but more so for the fact that they have 'It's Tricky' by Run DMC playing on the stereo. Nice.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Quick Reviews of Comic Releases this week (2009)

The Boys: Herogasm #1 (DE)

The run of excellent form on The Boys continues with this first spin-off. Basically a massive p*ss take on the 'event' and the 'cross-over' that are now synonymous with the summer comics of the big 2, Ennis peels back the lies to reveal what really goes on during the summer months for the supes. The Boys are there, staking out, but their purpose is still vague at the minute. Debauched, wild, a definite 'mature' rating - Herogasm #1 is a sex, drugs and rock n roll riot. If I draw a comparison with the best pop songs, this issue is a complete head rush, exciting, fast and SEXY. 9 out of 10.

The Punisher #5 (Marvel)

Pizzas, Ant-Man costumes, Microchip, guns, death, explosions, the Hood and the dead Dormammu. As exciting as the last 4 issues in this series, Remender and Co. keep serving up the thrills. The pace is RELENTLESS, though a bit more serious and a bit darker than the other 4. The bit with the pizza delivery is priceless though. One of the best of the Dark Reign titles. 8 out of 10.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Captain Britain & MI13. It's official, it's ending when the Vampire State arc finishes. (2009)

It started off as a worry - no sign of issue #16 in the Marvel solicitations for August 2009. Then, CB&MI13 writer Paul Cornell confirmed the worst on his blog, in his post entitled 'Goodbye Captain Britain'. So now we know - the title ends its run at issue 15, the end of the brilliant'Vampire State' arc.

It was fun while it lasted, and at least it goes out in style, with 'Vampire State' being a classic tale, and is a must-have as a trade in the coming months.

Still got CB&MI13 #14, 15 and the Annual to come. Which is some consolation.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

August 2009 solicitation for Destroyer #5 (2009)

DESTROYER #5 (of 5)
Penciled by CORY WALKER
It's all been leading up to this! Destroyer comes face to face with his most dreaded adversary yet--DEATH! It's a no-holds-barred winner-take-all fight to remember. The stakes--high! The prize--life! Nothing can prepare you for this sense-shattering conclusion. Also in this issue--violence!
32 PGS./Explicit Content ...$3.99

Monday, May 18, 2009

Forthcoming Attractions (anticipated releases this week - 20.05.2009)

Not so many this week, but here they are - the titles I am looking forward to this week;


The big one of the week for me - The Boys Herogasm #1 is the first Boys spin-off, and is Garth Ennis pointing his savage pen at the comic book notion of the 'crossover event'. It is described thus; An evil so profound it threatens all mankind... the mightiest heroes on the planet uniting to defend us all... a secret crisis of such utter finality that a countdown to civil or infinite war seems unavoidable... but have you ever wondered what really happens during Crossovers? The Seven, Payback, Teenage Kix, Fantastico and every other supe on Earth team up for an annual event like no other... and where the supes go, can a certain "five complications and a dog" be far behind? Vought-American prepare to make their move, in a story that will change the world of the Boys forever: Herogasm #1.

So, the book will have implications for the main title, which is currently on a high with Ennis writing some quality stuff, so this is a must if you are a Boys fan or an Ennis fan. Read more about it here.

A less conventional choice, 'Dracula' is less a comic book than a collection of illustrations by Eisner- and Scream Award-nominated writer/artist Ben Templesmith. With Dracula, he provides 27 all-new, full-color chapter illustrations for this special presentation of a classic horror novel. Originally published in 1897, Dracula is one of the best-selling and most influential stories of all time. Looks very nice. Preview here.

A major milestone in the brilliant Brubaker iteration of the iconic Captain America, as it reaches issue 50. Bucky Barnes, another man out of time, is the new Captain America now...but today he's trapped in the past, because today is Bucky Barnes' birthday. See Bucky's favorite and least favorite birthdays - from the cold winters of the Depression on military bases, to the front lines of WW2 fighting alongside the Invaders, to his new mission as Cap. Oh yeah, and someone's trying to kill him. By Ed Brubaker and Luke Ross.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Solicitation for The Walking Dead Volume 10 (Image,2009)

136 PAGES / BW

Out on their own, danger lurking around every corner, our ragged band of survivors tries to live long enough to reach Washington D.C... but at what cost?

Collects THE WALKING DEAD #55-60

Solicitation for The Walking Dead #64 (Image, 2009)


They've never been in more danger.

MAY NOT BE SUITABLE FOR ALL AGES least we know Rick and Abraham are still around....

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Image of the Week (13/05/09)

The Son becomes the Father.

A transformed Carl Grimes, from page 17 of issue 61 of The Walking Dead, which is available now. A review of this astounding issue is here.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Comics of the Week (13/05/2009)

As IGN states in its review, this issue gets as close as you can to 'evoking that sickening sensation in the pit of your stomach'. The word 'intense' does not do this installment justice. The full review is here. That piece has all the words I can summon about this fantastic, moving, gripping work.

In fact this week was a great week, what with Captain Britain & MI13 #13 giving us some serious horror action and proper heroics in the continuation of Paul Cornell's 'Vampire State', and Young Liars #15 continued its hallucinogenic ride through readers bewilderment, riding roughshod, with Sadie on the shotgun. They both came a close second, their qualities numerous, the enjoyment factor high.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Review - Dark Reign Hawkeye #2 (Marvel, 2009)

Steve Diggle has come up with the goods here. Norman Osborn recruits the psychotic hitman Bullseye to be Hawkeye in Osborn's version of the Avengers (aka Dark Avengers). Mayhem and murder ensues, with Bullseye indiscriminately killing civilians, and finding more perverse ways of doing it as he goes along, and Osborn putting his quasi-paramilitary organisation H.A.M.M.E.R to good use by suppressing any news organisation that tries to publish footage of the carnage. Osborn knows that 'Hawkeye' is a potential liability. With a neat section that reveals Osborn to be able to trade in the bland platitudes of corporate management speak, a trap is set for 'Hawkeye'.

This title is a difficult one as I am not sure who or what Marvel expect the reader to identify with. Maybe the real focus will be Ben Urich and his determination as a journalist to expose the rotten core of the Osborn administration and his dictatorial grip over the Marvel Universe version of America. He only plays a small part in this issue, but the mysterious voice who calls him and urges him on in his crusade suggests that his role in 'Dark Reign Hawkeye' will only increase.

As another take on the 'Dark Reign', 'Hawkeye' is a solid performer, entertaining while giving the wider picture on Osborn's activities, while showing that Bullseye is one sick individual. I like the way Diggle paces the plot, the dialogue is great, and the art, by Tom Raney, is clean and bold and he really captures action well - especially when there are explosions involved.

Verdict. Really enjoyed the first issue, and this second installment keeps up the quality. A lot of fun indeed. 8 out of 10.

Review - Captain Britain & MI13 #13 (Marvel, 2009)

Vampire State, the current arc, is stupendously gripping, and this installment really shifts up a gear as Dracula and his legions embark upon their invasion of Britain, which is cut off 'magically' from the rest of the world. With Norman Osborn, Britains last hope of outside intervention, offering nothing, and the 'real' Avengers desperate to help but unable, it is down to Captain Britain, Pete Wisdom, Blade, Black Knight and Faiza Hussain to try and stem the awesome tide of the undead.

The pace does not let up, the plot switching effortlessly from frantic diplomatic efforts to the battlefield. By the end of the issue there looks to have been some dramatic developments - the death of at least one character, Britain in the grip of a terror unimaginable - and how this mid-issue of the arc effects the rest of the story is unclear. What is very clear is that Paul Cornell has fashioned a brillaintly simple but effective high concept (vampires led by dracula invade the UK) and with some imagination and foresight has managed to craft one of the titles of the year. It takes some second or even third string characters and makes them vital and heroic. Compulsive reading.

Verdict. This is going to be one hell of a trade paperback. Its one hell of a comic, right in the midst of its strongest arc yet. 9.5 out of 10.

Review - Young Liars #15 (Vertigo, 2009)

Warning - Mild Spoilers.

First off - great choices of song for the cassette this time around - Sabotage by the Beastie Boys and Perfect Day by Lou Reed.

This issue sees Danny try to reinvent the reality from a few issues ago, with a
DJ Slik beinf persuaded to become the rich and adventurous Truman Runco, and more bizarrely, Lorelei's (aka Sadie's) therapist Dr Rivera being coerced into being Donatella. It is head spinning, you know that if you read it, with some amazing twists, and Sadie / Lorelei not looking as invincible anymore. Here she seems so fragile and vulnerable, nothing like the Sadie from the early issues, seemingly dominated by Danny Duoshade / Noonan into recreating his fantasy world to save the world from alien spiders...

It is a trip, and the ending is wow......with an image straight out of The Truman Show. The cover gives you a clue. Very Philip K Dick. So, David Lapham wins again - he manages to twist and turn and go back on in himself and still come up with the goods. Let us hope the recent cancellation announcement, and its impending demise with issue #18 does not force his hand or curtail his bravado.

Verdict. Still a topsy turvy treat. I still haven't got the foggiest what is going on. I still don't care. 9 out of 10.

Review - The Walking Dead #61 (Image, 2009)

My god that was intense. After the relatively lackluster issue 60, this time around The Walking Dead got firmly back on track. This could, in fact, be the best of the series yet. No joke.

Warning - Spoilers ahead. Do not carry on reading this review if you do not wish to know what happens in issue 61.

There are a few writers who can produce this sort of post-apocalyptic scdenario and make it work. But as far as I am concerned, only Robert Kirkman can manage the complexities of human relationships and make every action and reaction seem unforced. Here, he does it again.

This is the bit you really should not read if you don't want the issue spoiled for you. Each page seems to drip with significance, like Dale mentioning to Andrea that there hadn't been any roamers recently. Well, that will be the Hunters who are watching you from the shadows....But more than that, so much more than that, is the one incident that is so devastating that it dominates the rest of the issue and all the other events from there. The death of Billy, at the hands of Ben. It is so shocking, so upsetting, but it is how the survivors react that is more interesting. Michonne (why is she in the background so much - has Kirkman forgotten about her? Or is she next for the chop?), Maggie and Glenn are bystanders as first Abraham, then Rick, come to a pretty quick decision on how to deal with the young murderer. Too dangerous to be left alive, as he is locked in the back of the newly acquired van, these 2 men decide that he must be killed. Dale and Andrea are appalled, Maggie also, but there is little to change their minds. Abraham's physical appearance takes a darker, graver turn, the menace and violence simmering off him in a palpable heat. The Rick and Abraham alliance now seems fully formed. But even more shocking is the next turn of events. Carl, in the middle of the night, wakes, leaves his hat as a decoy in his bed, and face contorted with hatred, kills Ben with his pistol. That facial expression, so like Ricks before he killed the redneck a few issues back. Like Father like Son.

Carl is now truly a character in his own right - trying to shield Sophia from the devastation of Billys body, he is making independent but fundamental decisions for the good of the group. I am unsure whether his killing of Ben was revenge or a conscious decision to protect the group. Whatever - it hit like a hammer. At that point, I think my mind was a little blown. From out of nowhere, Kirkman and Adlard had created the most explosive issue of The Walking Dead, and without fanfare - lets remember that the big 'hunter' arc starts next time, with issue #62 - had again amazed and moved me.

As for the preacher on the cover, a Father Gabriel Stokes (is the surname a clue? 'Stoking' the fires of hatred, a herald for the hunters?), his appearance seems peripheral. In fact, I think his appearance is a slight hindrance to the storm clouds gathering over the survivors, with their quiet anguish and the fear, their fury and their deadly pragmatism. I think his involvement is fundamental - surely his appearance has a purpose? - and I guess that purpose will be revealed soon enough.

Charlie Adlard's subtle framing is superb, letting you see enough of the death of Billy without it being gratuitous. It is explicit, but it is subtle. Does that make sense? He is as important to the book as Kirkman - his characters come alive from the pages, whether it is Dales despair, or Abrahams dark commitment to do what has to be done to survive. He can convey their moods in such a way that Kirkman does not have to over elaborate with words. Here, truly, the pictures tell their own story.

What else? More little details - like Eugenes radio still not working (those little doubts being put into our mind - is he for real? Is he with the Hunters?). The Walking Dead has a poisonous, paranoid atmosphere right now - filled with death and despair, mistrust and violence, the group fragmenting....and then, as you might expect if you are a long term Walking Dead reader, there is a superb cliffhanger. I will say no more, but believe me when I say it is worth it. Okay, I will say one word. Hunters.

Verdict. Perfect. 10 out of 10.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Forthcoming Attractions (anticipated releases this week - 13.05.2009)

Very good week this week - lots of quality;


In Captain Britain & MI13 #13, Betrayal runs rampant! Spitfire is offered a high rank in the vampire state—will she take it? Does she have a chance? A traitor is discovered in the ranks of British Intelligence. But what are the chances that he’s the only one. Pete Wisdom’s main concern is keeping his people alive, but with his track record and who they’re up against, it’s not looking good.

In Deadpool: Suicide Kings #2, Deadpool’s latest job has gotten him into a world of trouble. Someone’s framed Deadpool, and it just might be the same guy who hired him in the first place, a guy who just might be using the mouthy merc as a wild card in a twisted wager. If Wade’s going to clear his name and serve up some revenge, first he’s got to avoid getting killed by the force of nature known as the Punisher. That’s right: It’s Wade versus Frank round, like, whatever…and the only way Deadpool’s going to survive is with a little help from a certain Man Without Fear.

In Hawkweye #2, Bullseye cuts loose in this DARK REIGN tie-in! Reporter Ben Urich investigates a brutal massacre that has all the hallmarks of the notorious assassin Bullseye. But can Urich connect the murders to the Dark Avenger known as Hawkeye? Norman Osborn must bring H.A.M.M.E.R. down to hide the awful truth before it tears the team apart—and poisons the Avengers' noble legacy forever! The killer creative team of Andy Diggle (THUNDERBOLTS) and Tom Raney (SECRET INVASION: INHUMANS) spins the spotlight on one of Marvel’s most controversial characters!

In The Walking Dead #61, do we get Salvation? This issue begins the final countdown to what promises to be a brutal and bloody arc involving the Hunters. Five page preview here

Finally, With the sad news that it has been cancelled with issue 18, we are on the way to an ending of sorts with Young Liars #15. Bet it still rocks. In this issue: Despite Annie X's attempts to stop him, Danny's obsession grows, and Loreli's life is in extreme danger. But are Annie's actions noble – or far more sinister? And in a town where everything goes your way, is there ever a breaking point? As events spiral out of control, Danny stumbles upon the ultimate secret; one that changes everything not only for himself and Sadie, but for the entire world. In this issue, David Lapham reveals just enough of the bigger picture to keep you awake for many nights to come.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Comic of the Week (06/05/2009)

The Boys #30 gets the title of the week. For 3 reasons;

1) Despite this issue supposedly being a breather and a bridge between the last arc and the forthcoming 'Self-Preservation Society', this had more incident, action and plots than most anything else around at the minute.

2) Billy Butcher was in action. That is good enough for comic of the week. Plus, the few panels of action between The Female and The Frenchman said more than it takes most comics whole issues to do.

3) This issue gave us enough of an idea of whats coming next to suggest that Ennis is really upping the stakes with 'The Self-Preservation Society'. 'The Boys' has a lot to recommend it, but this next arc - inked by the legendary Carlos Ezquerra - is going to take this title to a whole new level. I am sure of it. All this, and Herogasm #1 is out soon. Good times.

Saturday, May 09, 2009

Image of the Week (06/05/09)

Taken from Deadpool #10, page 23. Wade - Subtle, he ain't.

Friday, May 08, 2009

Quick Reviews of other Comics released this week (06/05/09)

Deadpool #10 (Marvel)

The 'merc with a mouth' is making some enemies in high places (ie Norman Osborn), so Osborn despatches his Dark Avenger Hawkeye (AKA Bullseye) to get rid of him. Prior to their showdown you get Deadpool undertaking a job that will make all High School Jocks think twice in future. Even his (Deadpools) robberies are more entertaining than 75% of all other comic book action this week. Fact...Funny, with pulsating action (and the worst stitch up job complete with dodgy video evidence eve seen in a comic book. You will fear the new USA of Norman Osborn. Meanwhile, this issue gets 9 out of 10.

Marvel Zombies 4 #2 (Marvel)

This story is very different to the last iteration of the MZ franchise, with its technological vs the supernatural theme. This time around the atmosphere is thick with fog and gloom, devils and demons and the demonic, the undead and the cursed against the hordes of revenants. With an appearance from The Hood and his own brand of killer with dry humour character, plus undead head of Deadpool and Simon Garth making a winning combination. It is as good as issue #1 of MZ4, with the art being a real treat this time. I hope they give MZ5 to this creative team (Fred Van Lente & Kev Walker), because they are surpassing the Kirkman original for inventiveness and entertainment. 8.5 out of 10.

Terror Inc. Apocalypse Soon #1 (Marvel Max)

The new Max title has Chris Lapham (Young Liars) telling a tale that reminds me a little of the Rolling Stones song 'Sympathy for the Devil'. It certainly has the ambition, scope and epic feel of that classic song. 'Terror Inc.' incorporates the Bubonic plague, treachery in many forms, revenge, orgies and modern day Experimental Camps hosting killer viruses. The one constant is a certain Mr Terror, a grotesque, lecherous immortal killer. If this all sounds good, then believe me it is. Lapham knows how to weave a tale around the listener, and mixes horror and humour without it being too jarring. Some of the story is a bit tough going emotionally, but when would you expect David Lapham to pull punches? A great first issue. 8.75 out of 10

July 2009 solicitation for The Boys #32

Rating: MATURE
Covers: Darick Robertson
Writer: Garth Ennis
Penciller/Inker: CARLOS EZQUERRA
Colorist: TONY AVI�A
Awards: N/A
Publication Date: JULY, 2009
Format: Comic Book
Rights: WW

UPC: 725130122636
MARKETING DESCRIPTION: With the Female gone and the survivors left reeling, the Boys find out who's after them the hard way- walking straight into a nightmarish trap. Pulping teenage supes is one thing, but how will our heroes fair against a front-rank supe team of unimaginable power? Blood flies and bones shatter, as Butcher decides to meet fire with fire... in The Self-Preservation Society, part two.

taken from the Dynamite site;

What a cover! Poor Terror!

Review - Destroyer Max #2 (Marvel Max, 2009)

Deep into emotional territory, Kirkman fleshes out the compulsion of the Destroyer

Robert Kirkman seems to revel in the one-two of emotional explorations of characters and realtionshipsall-out violence and gore. Although the gore is slightly toned down this issue, there is still plenty of violence to gasp at, and it isn't without it's humour - the battle depicted in the cover art has a neat punchline.

The fallout from the Destroyer's battle with his failing health is not as funny - and there are some fairly believable conversations between husband and wife on that subject.

The art, by the way, is lovely. Cory Walker cannot draw a bad panel anyway, but his clean and impressive visuals really shine here, aided by the warm colouring of Val Staples.

With his life coming to an end, his health a constant battle, his singularity of purpose - to bring down Scar, his nemesis - causing his loved ones to be caught in the crossfire, this issue starts bringing all the plot strands together. The final issues should prove to be explosive, and no doubt heart-rending. Kirkman excels at that.

My only criticism is that I do not really understand the determination to bring down Scar. Who is he? Why is he so hated by Destroyer? This actually opens up to be a wider criticism - although I understand the motivation of the Destroyer to an extent (ie kill all the bad guys), I do not understand the specific motivation for Destroyer to target X, Y and Z. Maybe a bit more back story would have helped.

Verdict: An issue that 'moved the pieces around', to an extent, setting up the final issues for what will no doubt be an extremely satisfying conclusion. There was enough action, enough violence and blood, and enough of the human drama to keep me interested. 8 out of 10.

Review - The Boys #30 (Dynamite, 2009)

Just gets better and better....

After the shocks of last issue, The Boys takes a slower pace this time around, allowing us to focus a little on the members of 'The Boys'. We get to see The Frenchman and his tender relationship with the Female (even if it is not reciprocated), as he tries to normalise their situation (and very touching it is (literally), and told in a very economical number of panels). Hughie gets closer and opens up to his girl Annie, and Mother's Milk vents. Billy Butcher has some of the best scenes this time round, visiting Kessler and Rayner and making a few things clear to both of them. The best scenes however, are all about Pre-Wiz, the G-Men protege super team. I will not say anything other than three words SICK but FUNNY.

All this, however, is a sideshow for what is coming up. Basically, its Homelander and the rest of the superheroes gunning for The Boys, with tacit approval from the powers that be. This leads us up to issue #31, where the new arc 'THE SELF-PRESERVATION SOCIETY' kicks in - with art by Carlos Ezquerra! This is going to be very very good indeed.

Verdict: This issue was a 'breather'? There was so much going on that you just know that creativity is no short supply on this title. Violent and funny and exciting. Comics get no better. Until next issue, anyway. 9.5 out of 10

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

2000AD resources (active blogs and sites)

Thought I would set out a few links of impressive 2000ad related sites; It's about past and present 2000ADad and is never less than highly enjoyable. A very Human and appealing site, well recommended. A fantastic 2000AD resource, with a weekly review of the comic, with each story reviewed and an overall review of the issue. That, and features, a massive review archive.....very, very good stuff. There is this guy from Milton Keynes, right, and he decides to blog his reading-2000Ad-from-prog-one-to-present odyssey. The guy is an intuitive and interesting writer, and his history of 2000AD, in patchwork form, post b post, is riveting. I connect with this blog. Early days for this blog, but it gives a strip by strip account of the early progs, with lots of nice page scans. well worth a look.

2000AD - 11 reasons why they have some of the best cover art