Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Dead Run (Boom!, 2009)

A miniseries in the vein of Mad Max? That is guaranteed to get my attention. If there is one post-apocalyptic tale to choose above all others, it has to be Mad Max 2 for me, every time. In a new 4 part mini-series from Boom! Studios, 'Dead Run', aims to capture that vibe in comic form.

At the end of the world, crime still remains a thriving industry. This means, of course, that there will always be a need for runners; those men and women entrusted with making deliveries and disposing of compromising material. A hazardous job in a hazardous environment. “Dead Run” follows the adventures of Nick Masters, a driver whose single delivery failure causes his life to be in danger. - CBR has an interview with the creative team and a 5 page preview of Dead Run #1 - Cover art previews of forthcoming Dead Run issues