Monday, February 23, 2009

The Walking Dead - another teaser image - 'The Dead Do Not Watch' (2009)

More spoilers and teasers from The Walking Dead, courtesy of this new image on the IGN comics site. A follow up to the 'The Dead Do Not Stalk' and 'The Dead Do Not Track', this poster art gives us some further clues on the identity of the mysterious figures. It seems that 'they' are human, and part of some military organisation (indicated by the way they are dressed and their weapons), and that all the current survivors are under threat, as we see Rick Grimes and Abraham Ford in their sights. This suggests that the shadowy figures may have tracked the survivors back to their base camp. Are they after the Dr. Eugene Potts? Sgt. Ford? Are they getting too close to Washington DC and are seen as a threat? Are 'they' the remnants of the Woodbury community? Are 'they' hunter-killers? Cannibals? Given the bloody and transient nature of life in 'The Walking Dead', the old adage (taken from a previous story arc) 'No-One Is Safe' applies here. However, this is all speculation and those that are currently following Rick, Abraham, Andrea etc could be non-threatening, and merely observing the group to determine their intent.

The above image, and a small article on the teaser art, can be found at IGN. Apparently more information will be made available on the site in the coming days - and TWLB will report on it thereafter.