Friday, February 13, 2009


IGN finally got around to releasing this yesterday after last weeks 'The Dead Do Not Stalk' teaser, comes this........ this really whets the appetite. Maybe a quasi-military organisation. Maybe the remnants of the Military? Maybe some sadistic hunters????? The mind boggles...they just keep us hanging on a string with this stuff. 'It's all maybes' - and I love it. What we know is that the group (or some part of the current cast) are in for a whole lot of trouble in the coming months.

More info (though not a great deal more) can be found at this link to IGN;

with more images to come sometime in the next week and maybe even an interview with Robert Kirkman to add more mystery / excitement to the upcoming events. Another fantastic piece of art from Adlard and Rathburn, as the Walking Dead series keeps upping the ante and ramping up the anticipation - how can other titles compete??