Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Young Liars #11 Review (Vertigo, 2009)

Coherent? No. Exciting? Yes!!

Fantastic cover, probably the best of the bunch, and they have all been excellent. Love the fact that DJ Danny Duoshade recommends tracks from Butthole Surfers and Mission Of Burma - fly that mid eighties punk / freak flag!!

It still makes no sense - even Danny acknowledges that fact, basically requesting that if you don't understand, don't ask him. He doesn't understand either. Or is he lying??? What do you get in this issue? You get something approaching a climax. Yes, somehow, the Young Liars manage a Butch and Sundance and come out all guns blazing against the sadistic Pinkerton killers. There is more about the Spiders, Sadie and lots of her relatives, Puss Bag in heroic mode (even though his accent seems to be a composite of all regions of the UK - I detect cockney, east midlands and west midlands) and Danny. Poor bewildered Danny. Yeah, right. Is he the biggest liar of them all? He certainly returns to centre stage, and grabs the ending from under the noses of those who would claim the Brown Bag empire as their own. It was terrific and fun and funny and the action was brilliant and I really enjoyed this issue. It is the first issue of Young Liars I have really enjoyed since those heady days of last summer....

No.12 promises to be a lot of fun. Or then again, maybe Lapham will pull the rug from under us and take us on another tangent, another time, another place. But I bet the cover will be fantastic.

Verdict - the best issue in several. This played up to the strengths of the title. It is anarchic, funny, slightly psychedelic and very acid-drenched. A brilliant return to form and the best title this week. Hooray!!! 9 out of 10