Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Listening for the Letterbox, July 9th, 2008

A regular feature where I look ahead to what I have on order from the releases of the week. This is obviously not a definitive release schedule - for that, try Diamond for the list of next weeks releases and this weeks releases (updated every monday).

It's Captain week!!!

Captain America White #0 (Marvel)

Loeb & Sale bring their 'colour' treatment to bear on the USAs finest soldier. Intriguing, exciting and it will be interesting to see if knocks Secret Invasion into a cocked hat (likely..)

Captain Britain & MI13 #3 (Marvel)

The not-so Secret Invasion of the UK continues, but where is Brian Braddock?? After the great opening issues, I still have a lot of faith in this.

Shark-Man #3 (Image)

Wasn't the last one out about 6 months ago? Whatever - although the story seems a bit hokey I can live with it if the artwork is as good as the last couple of issues.

Oh, and we get Secret Invasion #4 (Marvel), but lets face it, everyone would rather read the Avengers tie-ins. Saying that, #3 had the return of Nick Fury and his new squad, so maybe it will just be a bigger and better scrap this time round.

Brought to you by the letterbox listener........