Friday, May 16, 2008

Review - Young Liars #3 (Vertigo)

It's rock n roll! It's bewildering! Sadie Hopkins wants to dance, dance, dance!

David Laphams 'Young Liars' is so closely linked with music (for example, the title is taken from 'TV on the Radio's first EP). Most of the action seems to take place in clubs or gigs, one of the male leads is a wannabe guitarist, there are lyrics all over the panels moving the narrative along. You also get a real sense of the urgency of youth, the energy, the drama. All the things that drives rock n' roll and all that stuff. Plus you get all the attendant bullshit, the backstabbing (ever been in a band?), the shattered dreams, the effervescence bordering on nauseating (more on that in a bit).

This issue continues the music theme (this issue is entitled 'Hard Knock Life' reflecting the characters own fortunes), but the story gets bewildering at times, jumping around like a needle skipping across a battered vinyl record. One minute we are in 2006, then the 'present', then January 2008. It all gets a bit confusing, but in a happy drunk kind of way. The tale fairly skips along, though I must admit to getting a bit exhausted with Sadie Hopkins''exuberance' as she seems to be permanently on some sort of sugar high, even at times when its obvious that everyone else is concerned about a more important matter, Sadie just don't get it. She just wants to dance. I know this is explained by the bullet lodged in her brain (that is eventually going to kill her) has removed her inhibitions, but does she ever calm down a bit?

I loved the first couple of issues, it is just I love this one a little bit less. I hope it starts to make more sense next time round. I hope Sadie calms down a bit.

Verdict - like having lots of beers on an empty stomach, the high is great while it lasts, but then confusion gives way to a headache. Bizarre but full of life. I want this to succeed. as I think it has the potential to be another great Vertigo title. this issue gets a 6.5 out of 10.

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