Thursday, May 22, 2008

Review - The Mighty Avengers #14 (Marvel)

The Secret Invasion story gets more expansive as the Skrulls mind games get nastier

These great 'Secret Invasion' tie-ins keep coming. This one fills out part of the story from issue #13 when Vision (one of the Heroes from the past) confronted present day Sentry. Let's just say it's all part of the Grand Skrull Plan, and it is told with great flair.

There is not a lot more to say really - Jarvis has a great part to play in it, Sentry is a flawed character that you feel bad for, especially now he is being manipulated by the Skrulls, and everything is looking pretty bleak for Earth at the minute.

Review - Another essential part of the overall 'Secret Invasion' title. It all adds up to a whole lot of trouble for Earth, but enjoy it while it lasts. A great tie-in (again!). 9 out of 10.


Steven R. Stahl said...

I’d like to point out that, in MIGHTY AVENGERS #14, Skrull-Jarvis does exactly what the Skrulls in NEW AVENGERS #40 said the Skrull infiltrators should not do: drops the human persona and thinks as a Skrull in order to fish for info on the Sentry, and does so while talking to Tony Stark, the very person the Skrulls feared could detect them. By rights, Stark could (should?) have realized immediately that Skrull-Jarvis was an imposter.

Now, NEW AVENGERS #40 was a terrible issue, full of gobbledygook written, apparently, to try to justify the existence of sleeper Skrulls, but the purpose of the issue was negated by MA #14, since “sleepers’ wouldn’t switch identities as they pleased.

Even if one discounts Bendis’s problems with technical terms and scientific concepts in general in past issues of NEW AVENGERS and MIGHTY AVENGERS (and SECRET INVASION), NA #40 couldn’t have made it clearer that he has no idea of how to write about DNA coherently. MA #14 strongly suggests that he’s making up plot material as he goes, whether or not it’s consistent with other issues in the storyline.