Thursday, May 15, 2008

Review - Captain Britain and MI13 #1 (Marvel)

Another Secret Invasion tie-in? I know, I know, but wait! This one has the reappearance of Captain Britan and The Black Knight!

Britain is under attack by the Skrulls - but why? Something to do with the amount of magic flowing around this green and pleasant land apparently. Only Captain Britain, The Black Knight, Pete Wisdom and Spitfire stand between us and the Skrulls dastardly plan,

The comic rips along at a great pace, with some surprising violence, including decapitations and throats getting ripped out by teeth. The pace is lively, with a real sense of Britain under siege. All the heroes get a turn in the spotlight, and the Super Skrull composites of earthly heroes are imaginative and fun. Captain Britain is really given a chance to prove his heroic credentials in the final pages, and the issue leaves us on a (quite literally) explosive cliffhanger.

Unlike the recent Avengers tie-ins, this Secret Invasion title is all about the Captain Britain and MI13. It is all the better for it. Looking forward to a glimpse of Captain Midlands in the next issue, please!

Verdict - the pace, writing and art are great. An enjoyable Secret Invasion tie-in. 8 out of 10.