Wednesday, April 16, 2008

On the advance list....

Just put my pre-orders in for a couple of exciting Image titles on top of my usual pulls;

War Heroes (Image)- this title comes to us from Mark Millar with art by Tony Harris. It is described by Image as;

"In an America not too far off from our own, terrorism has scorched the Earth. Our once great nation has shattered into a bastardized, third world version of its previous self. When traditional tactics prove obsolete in this new country, America's military force turns to the last weapon with any hope of - superhumanity."

Always worth giving his work a look (as Kick-Ass is proving), so looking forward to this title.

Preview of War Heroes at Newsarama

Link to the press release on War Heroes

Red Mass For Mars (Image) - Brought to us by the man behind the excellent Transhuman & Pax Romana, Johnathan Hickman, with art by new Image artist Ryan Bodenheim. The solicitation goes like this;

"In a world that has survived every catastrophe imaginable, a new threat from the beyond stars looks to be the end of all humanity. "A Red Mass For Mars" tells the story of the last days of Earth and the one man who could have saved us all - but didn't!"

Sounds super-intriguing, lets hope this post-apocalyptic tale lives up to Hickmans other work - I have got a feeling it will do.

Links for this;

1 page preview at deviantart

Interview with Hickman on Pax Romana & Red Mass For Mars

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