Thursday, April 24, 2008

Review - The Mighty Avengers #12 (Marvel)

Wow - was not expecting a tie-in to the main 'Secret Invasion' title to be so good, but it really did confound my expectations. Basically this issue fills you in on the whereabous and actions of Nick Fury. That is all I am giving away, because it deserves to be read. It's all about Nick Fury, with a bit of SHIELD thrown in from the middle onwards, and of course, some skrullduggery....

The final page really sets up the main 'Secret Invasion' title with some tantalizing clues - or is it to put you off the scent? Brian Michael Bendis packs in a lot of suspense, action and espionage into one tightly bound issue. Can you tell I like this one?

Great cover as well, though maybe Marvel are overplaying their 'Iconic covers - remixed!' - first Marvel Zombies, now Skrulls getting in on the act??? The interior art, by Alex Maleev, is wonderful - it really seems to capture the determination of Nick Fury, and the action scenes are well staged.

A happy surprise this one - in a pretty slack week for good titles, this seems to be the pick of the bunch (and would stand tall in a good week).

Verdict - really strong tie-in to 'Secret Invasion', with Nick Fury taking centre stage and setting himself up as a major player in the drama that's being played out this summer. Really, really good. 8.5 out of 10.

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