Sunday, April 06, 2008

Listening for the Letterbox, April 9th 2008

This is going to be a regular feature where I look ahead to what I will be receiving from the releases of the week. This is obviously not a definitive release schedule - for that, try Diamond for their shipping news.

I will put the titles in reverse order of anticipation (ie the bottom of the pile being the most anticipated);

Evil Dead #4 (Dark Horse) - The final issue in this faithful adaptation of the 80's horror classic.

Criminal 2 #2 (Marvel) - More goodness from Ed Brubaker.

Resurrection #4 (Oni Press) - Really, really getting into this - finally caught up with the first 3 episodes over the weekend, so expect a review of this later on in the week.

A fairly quiet week (and inexpensive!), but some goodies up there, especially Resurrection....

Resurrection at Oni Press

Ed Brubakers page on Criminal

Dark Horse previews Evil Dead #4