Monday, April 28, 2008

Listening for the Letterbox, April 30th, 2008

A regular feature where I look ahead to what I have on order from the releases of the week. This is obviously not a definitive release schedule - for that, try Diamond for the list of next weeks releases and this weeks releases (updated every monday).

As usual, I will put the titles in reverse order of anticipation (ie the bottom of the pile being the most anticipated;

New Avengers #40 (Marvel)

After the brilliant Mighty Avengers 'Secret Invasion' tie-in last week I know have high hopes for this - expect revelations!!

and... that is it really. Glamourpuss (previewed last week) and Crawlspace (previewed the week before) are finally out this week (apparently). Image are releasing the fourth TP of Bomb Queen in 'Suicide Bomber', and Wizard magazine reaches issue 200, and I'll be getting that.

Out of interest, Newsarama have an article keeping us up to date on who is who in Skrull terms here plus they make some predictions on who they think is part of the Skrull 'Secret Invasion' - it's an entertaining read.

Brought to you by the letterbox listener........