Thursday, March 06, 2008

Kick-Ass #1 (Marvel/ Icon)

Billed as 'The Greatest Superhero Book Of All Time', 'Kick-Ass' is certainly engaging stuff by Mark Millar (Civil War), with great kinetic artwork from John Romita Jr. Not that there is a lot of action in the first issue, it's more of an 'origins' issue. We learn that young Dave Lizewski, average high school kid & comic book fan, chooses to become a superhero rather than celebrity or rock star. He wonders why no-one has thought of it before, but by the end of the issue, it's quite obvious why - you need to have some kind of superpower, and lots of training. Taking his first beating on his first proper day on the job is not a great start, though you suspect that there is more to this character than a superpower-free superhero. The final 8 pages really put Dave though the wringer. I assume he will eventually be okay, as it doesn't appear to be a limited series......

Millar puts a lot of humour into the script (favourite lines - "Two broken legs, my spine crushed, and dressed like a fucking pervert. My dad was going to kill me") and the plot zips along at a good pace. It puts a mirror up to the reader in a gentle way, not being too harsh about fan-boys. It is a comicbook for comicbook fans. It has got me for another 3 or 4 issues at least.

Verdict - A solid start, some good dialogue. 8 out of 10. Kick-Ass #1 Info